Please donate to South Florida Family Pride (SFFP). SFFP is fully operated by volunteers to provide support, advocacy and fun for 500+ LGBT families at all stages of parenting. We hold events several times each year in the Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.
Through these events, our children grow up with each other, play together and learn from each other. They learn that they are not alone, other kids have gay parents and it’s beautiful. A true bonding experience. While South Florida Family Pride provides an avenue of support, it also provides for some good old fashion fun and socializing.
Your donations will help pay for these events which we do not charge our families to attend. Your donations will help families, who otherwise could not afford to attend events such as ours. It will help pay for the food, venue rentals, entertainment for our families to enjoy. It will help us pave the way for future programs and activities as well as help us become our own independent 501(c)3 organization. With your help we will be able to grow and have a sustainable future.